Ride With Us

Please consult with your physician/doctor to make sure it is safe for you to bike!

Rules of the Road:

Cars can be dangerous and it is important to us that our member are safe. Here are some suggested Rules of the Road while riding.

Ride with Traffic

 Stop for Walking people

Learn hand Signals when indicating to a car you are turning

For more Rules of the Road click the link below:

More Rules Of The Road

Cycling can also be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be. Feel free to ask members for suggestions on bikes and cycling gear.  Smokin Spokes does not endorse any one Bike store, or particular cycling brands.  All selections are based on personal preference and experiences with several products.
 To get started, take a look at some tips on what to get below and feel free to contact us for more details.


Get a nice road bike. ( We know bikes can get expensive to buy so we suggest going on websites like Craig’s List or going to Flea Markets.)

Well fitted, mechanically sound (not too small and definitely not too big) Currently, most Smokin’ Spokes members ride lightweight road bikes or hybrid/fitness bikes.  Make sure brakes and gears are in working order.


All Smokin’ Spokes members wear helmets during rides.   

2 Water bottles:

It’s important to stay hydrated, even the short rides.

Spare tubes:

Patching a punctured tire requires some time where as a spare tube, in most cases, allows you to get back on the road faster.   

Bike pump or CO2 cartridge: 

Use just in case of flat tire


Particularly for riding at night but overall to increase visibility

Cycling glasses/eyewear:

Used to protect your eyes.

Cycling gear: 

Padded biking shorts or tights are important.  Cycling jerseys are good to have but not mandatory. Stay away from cotton materials.  Instead, choose moisture wicking materials so that you can stay dry, comfortable and prevent chafing.   

More advanced riders use:

Clipless Pedals
Bike computer with cadence sensor
GPS Equipment
Indoor Trainer
Helmets with MiPS technology
Popular Cycling Apps