Why We Ride

The reason we ride is because we want to promote health and wellness.We stand for family, encouragement and living a healthy life. We believe riding bikes can lower one’s blood pressure, lower stress, and gives you a peace of mind. 

 Cycling is good for both mind, body, and soul.

“I told my wife $200 dollars for a pair of shoes, $2000 dollars for bike, but a healthy husband, Priceless!”

“We leave no one behind. We are a team.”

-Jamal Broy


                Participating in the Bike MS: Tour de Farms 2018 in Dekalb, IL while helping thousands in Illinois living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

    Promote cycling as a way of improving and maintaining healthy living.

Escape the daily grind for scenic roads among friends and family.


“I’m 57 and I’m not on any medication. Not a lot of people my age can say that.”

“We stick together and stay healthy!!”

 -John Cheatham